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Become A MODEL


Hi, my name is Koichi. I was born in JAPAN.


I am a professional model and also a professional photographer based in Sydney.


If you are thinking of

applying for the model to the agent, let me help you to create an amazing portfolio that will be noticed by the agent.


More than 3,000 applications have been sent to a different modeling agency every month in Sydney but only 1/1000 have a chance to be selected to the interview. 


You wonder what is the problem of your portfolio and why you are not selected? 


Here’s some mistakes points :


・ Photos taken with a smartphone.

・ Photos retouched by the app.

・ Excessive make-up photo.



Based on my experience and skills, I will create your beautiful portfolio !


【PRICE】This plan is only available to those who are applying to model agencies.

$275.00/h  incl. approximately 50 selected photos (no printing)

50% deposit is required upon booking the photo session.
-Head Shot/Waist Up Shot/Full Length Shot.

-Back Ground=Simple White Wall.


Any outdoor locations where there is a white wall. Eastern Suburb is preferable but I am happy to discuss the location.

Subject: “Become a Model”

Age group:
Contact No:

Date & Time : Please provide me with three preferable dates & time.


・This photoshoot is to provide a portfolio for modeling agency applications

・Photos will be emailed with a downloadable link

・Photos will be emailed to you within a week after the day of the shooting. 

・The shooting schedule will be adjusted due to the weather condition

・Hair and make-up are not included. Please prepare by yourself. If you require fashion styling, please let me know upon booking


Terms : 

・Cancellation : No cancellation fee till 3 days before the photo session. After that, $50 will be charged.

・No nude photography

・Under the age of 16 will not be photographed unless accompanied by adult/parent

・The information obtained from the client will be kept in a secure place and will not be provided to any third party.

・I have a right to refuse photographs if there are any inappropriate conditions or circumstances that warrant so.

・This photoshoot only supports establishing your portfolio and does not guarantee that you will become a model


Let's make a first step to "Become a Model" !



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